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Math Art Mandalas launches new website...MathArtMandalas_website_design.png

Mr. Lukas van der Walde made a career as a software engineer/developer for one of the largest banks in the world. But he's always been intrigued and fascinated by the beauty of mathematics as expressed digitally. Now that Lukas is retired from the world of high-finance and main frames, he has turned his digital attention back to that fascination with fractals and the lovely things you can design with mathematics. He has produced numerous prints of his fractals, which he calls mandalas, even so far as having several installed as public works of art. Recently, he felt the need to publish his work and words in his new website,

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Nevada Northern Railway's Iron Horse Cookery Cook-Off

What began as a train crew cooking bacon in the firebox of a steam locomotive several years ago has evolved into the Nevada Northern Railway's Iron Horse Cookery Cook-Off! The annual event is held each Labor Day at the Nevada Northern Railway Museum in Ely, Nevada. It involves cooking teams preparing meals at three different stations: 1) the firebox of a steam locomotive; 2) The potbelly stove in Caboose No. 3; and finally a Hobo campfire alongside the tracks.  Teams compete for the honor of winning the "Grand Champion  - Iron Horse Master Chef" award, not oto mention a cash prize.


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