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Visual dominance hinges on capturing the eye of the consumer and that requires stunning visuals that intrigue and engage the viewer. Illustration is vital in any area of visual communications to attract and appeal to the consumer. It's also an area where the best talent achieves the best results.


alice.pngAs a powerful communication tool, the boundless applications of illustration are limited only by one's imagination. It gives the viewer the power to visualize what cannot be photographed. From a fully painted representation of the story for an eye catching book cover or video game package, to spot illustrations highlighting key points in a company brochure or website, the possibilities are endless. Illustration is the key that unlocks the imagination.

We provide illustration in traditional mediums such as pencil, watercolor and ink, as well as digital, computer 3D and photographic. Give us a call today and I'll be glad to show you how, together, we can grab your consumer's attention!


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We specialize in custom photography. When only custom photography will sell the idea, Bassett & Brush is your source. We work on location or in our on-site photo studio, where we create exactly the product shot you need. Our Nikon digital camera system provides impressive image capabilities for both still images as well as video.


Royalty Free Photo Library

We also maintain a library of 80,000+ royalty free images available for use in our clients' projects. While terms do not allow us to relicense these images, we can use them in our cllients proejcts at no additional cost and without being locked into a long term licensing agreement. It keeps life simple.


Rights-Managed Photography

On those occasions requiring that perfect licensed image, we work with a large number of rights-managed stock image houses. We handle it all so you need not worry about licensing and usage limitations. We'll license and manage the images for you.


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