Custom Website Design


The Internet affords enormous opportunities for today’s business and, for the vast majority, is a critical component in the identity/branding strategy needed to create that presence in the market. Bassett & Brush provides full capabilities in website design, development and marketing, which include:

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 3.28.39 PM.png• Custom Website Design & Solid Engineering,
• PawsOnWeb™ Content Management Systems [CMS]
• Multi-tiered Hosting
• SSL Encrypted credit card processing
• Web Marketing
• SEO [Search Engine Optimization]
• SN [Social Networking]
• Banner Advertising
• Web Video

PawsOnWeb™ Website Bundles

Our Bundles program is a website solution for almost every budget and includes everything needed to operate the website for the first year. These costs include the custom design, site build, hosting, the PawsOnWeb™ CMS Module and domain name registration for the first year of operation. After the first year, the annual cost drops to hosting levels based on your selections and add-on features. The PawsOnWeb™ on-site module allows you to login and make changes to the content of the site if and when you wish. You can Do-It-Yourself or we can do it for you!

In today's highly competitive web scenario, the importance of search engines, and SEO [Search Engine Optimization], cannot be underestimated. After all, search engines drive the majority of internet traffic. [FYI; SEO “Search Engine Optimization”, is but one component of SEM “Search Engine Marketing, which is what we’re really talking about.] If your website isn’t listed appropriately on the major search engines, you are giving your competitors the edge and, at the same time, missing out on opportunities to connect with your potential new clients. Simply stated, SEO/SEM helps your customers find your products and services when they’re looking for them. Right message, right people, right time and right place!

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That said, any serious discussion on SEO/SEM must include the reality that the process is not a quick fix or an overnight success and no one can guarantee 1st position results. There are simply too many variables. Achieving solid web ranking results takes months and even years to accomplish. And once achieved, needs to be maintained. Solid SEO/SEM is an ongoing, well thought out process of research, analysis and adjustment. We, at Bassett & Brush, offer dedicated SEO/SEM services to help you gain an edge over your competitors. Your site is our priority and receives the undivided attention of our expert team of SEO/SEM specialists. The mission is boosting targeted traffic to your site.



The Bottom Line; If you're not on the web, you are missing the huge market potential. Contact us today so we can discuss ways to help you get out there in the most effective way.


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- - -  EXAMPLES OF OUR WORK   - - -

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Powered-by-PAWS_logo.png A Fully Managed Web Service  


"The Biz” Editor Site

This is our “basic” 1-5 page Biz Site Bundle, like a “starter site”,  includes the Small Site Hosting for the first year FREE for new clients. From here you can customize the site by adding pages or features until it’s exactly what you want. These add-on features are detailed under Add-On Features.  When combined with one of our Internet Marketing Plans, a PawsOnWeb Website is an unbeatable combination for growing your company. 

The Biz Bundle Includes:

• Custom Site Design
• 1st Year Domain Name Registration – INCLUDED
• 1st Year Small Shared Hosting (up to 100Mb of storage) – INCLUDED    (Hosting includes content editor with one-time training)
• Initial loading of client-furnished content [copy & photos] - you write the copy and send it to us with related photos, and we load it into the site for the initial launch. Once the site is “live” we train you or some one on your staff how to edit content using the editor.
• Once trained, you can then make any changes to the site content whenever you wish. Or
• We can edit content for you beyond loading the initial copy/photos, but this time is not included in the Bundle and is billed at our regular hourly rate.

• Full Domain, Site Hosting and Website Tech Support for our servers  – INCLUDED 


"The Store” Editor/Cart Site

The "Store" site adds an e-commerce/catalog feature to our basic 1-5 page "Biz" site. You have all the storytelling functions of the Biz site plus the product handling of the Store site. You can upload unlimited products. The annual hosting is determined by the amount of storage your site uses, so it varies.   

"The Store" e-Commerce/Catalog Bundle Includes:

• Custom Site Design - 1-5 Editorial pages + Category & Product page
• 1st Year Small Shared e-Commerce Hosting – INCLUDED (Does not include email hosting.*)
• SSL Encrypted Certificate
• Initial loading of client-furnished content [copy & photos] - you write the copy and send it to us with related photos, and we load it into the site one-time**
• Includes Editorial "storytelling" pages and up to 5 products in the Cart
• We'll train you or someone on your staff in using the PAWS cart/editor. You can then load the remaining products.
 • We can load more than 5 products for you, but this time is not included in the Bundle and is billed at our regular hourly rate.
• Full Domain, Site Hosting and Website Tech Support* for our servers  – INCLUDED