Bassett & Brush is an
EBM Certified Marketing Partner


The purpose of marketing is to make your company stand out in the crowd, especially in the mind of your intended consumer.


However, before designing the logo, defining the identity, developing the brand and launching that promotional campaign... you need a plan. Otherwise you’re wasting time, money and resources. We work with you in developing a market position analysis, looking at your company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats. This data is then used to define a strategic marketing plan designed to achieve your goals and objectives. It’s not rocket science, but it is a disciplined, forward-thinking process that achieves results while making your dollars most effective. Ultimately our goal is to achieve TOMA [Top of Mind Awareness] for your company, product or service in your consumer's mind.

We begin by defining and establishing realistic goals; then determine the methods and related budgets for achieving those objectives; and work with you to evolve this into a strategic plan of action. The heart of this effort is to develop a coherent marketing message that engages and connects with your customers, both existing and soon-to-be. It’s really a matter of “The Right Message to The Right People at The Right Time” and it must stay focused. Upon executing the campaign, we evaluate the results, learn what worked best for you and adjust the other elements to improve. It’s a fine tuning process driven by your customers' likes and needs.

In implementing this plan, using your existing brand elements as much as possible, we’ll create the promotional pieces to deliver that cohesive, consistent message. We specialize in the following marketing elements:

  • Company, Product and Service Logos
  • Website Design & Development
  • Web Marketing
    • Web Video spots
    • SEO [Search Engine Optimization]
    • SEM [Search Engine Marketing]
    • SN [Social Networking]
  • CMS - PawsOnWeb™ Content Management System
  • Packaging
    • Software Packaging [DVD/CD]
    • Food Packaging
    • Clamshell & Blister packs
    • Genuine GS1 UPC Barcodes
    • Point-of-Sale in-store displays
    • Roll Labels
  • Print
    • Stationary & Business Cards
    • Product Line Sheets [Sales Sheets or One Sheets]
    • Brochures and Rack Cards
    • Presentation Folders
  • Radio & TV Spots
  • Web Video 

The Bottom Line; We want to work with you for a long time, and believe "Our Business is Helping You Grow Your Business". Contact me today so we can discuss ways to help you do exactly that.


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