What's the most important item of consideration when designing a logo, an identity, a brand?  Your Consumers' perception!


It all begins with a product, corporate, or service logo or  identity that stands above the rest. Bassett & Brush has created thousands of powerful, eye-catching logo marks which, when expanded into a full identity strategy, have helped our clients penetrate and even dominate markets. We can do the same for you.


Today's marketing is all about relationhships and your logo is your company's face. Consumers are "people" who must reach a level of comfort before they'll do business with you. They need to like your appearance, your character and what you stand for... then they'll consider your products or services. That's why your logo, in other words how you "dress for success", has such a huge impact on your consumers' perception of you as a company, and whether they'll choose to do business with you. You only have one chance to make that great first impression and recent studies indicate you have only 2 seconds to win them over.


So we begin by studying your competitors and consumers. Your competitors so we can position ahead of them, and your consumers so we know what drives them in making that buying decision. Then we define your logo so it uniquely positions you ahead of the crowd.


The Bottom Line: Your logo is the linchpin for all your branding, so it pays to invest the time and do it right.  Give me a call today and I'll be glad to show you how, together, we make this happen for you.


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