Scott Bassett

President | Creative Director | Designer | aka "Top Dog"

Scott's broad design and production experience provides Bassett & Brush with a strong core capability upon which to draw. Having earned degrees in advertising and graphic design in 1976, Scott spent the next nine years in creative, design, and technical capacities with marketing and printing companies in Seattle and Spokane, Washington. His work, before and since launching B&BD in 1985, has been for numerous clients in a large number of major markets nationally, as well as a few abroad.


Areas of expertise:
Web Design, Web Marketing, Packaging Design, Identity/Branding, Advertising Design, Publication Design, Illustration, Photography, Print & Prepress, Top dog and bottle washer



Shannon Potratz

Senior Designer | Illustrator | aka "Art Hound"

After completing his degree in 1994, Shannon first worked in the heavily illustrative design world of silk screened sportswear and then entered the more traditional design venues as a staff designer with a major printing/marketing company. His illustrative style draws on American classic illustrators and gives us a tremendous diversity in design and illustration, particularly the fantasy game market.


Areas of expertise:
Web Design, Packaging Design, Identity/Branding, Advertising Design, Illustration, Print & Prepress



Adam Bassett

Web Developer | Web Video | aka "Dog of Many Hats"

Adam joined the Bassett & Brush pack in 2004 as a Website and Internet Manager.  Since then he has become a magician of many hats.  With over 5 years experience in multimedia and Internet services, he is our lead Flash programmer, as well as our audio video specialist. Adam is also one of our tech support providers and trains clients on using the PawsOnWeb Site Editing Modules.  When you want howling great guidance on internet marketing, Adam is our go-to-guy. This includes function and features, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and using social networking such as UTube, Facebook, Twitter and other media to help sites reach their full potential.  With this dog the only question you really need to ask is which hat do you need him to wear right now? 


Areas of expertise:
Web Design, Web Marketing, Web Developer



Clinene Coldwater

Bookkeeping & Accounts | aka "Bone Counter"

Clinene joined the Bassett & Brush pack in 2003 as our bookkeeper. Her speed, accuracy and attention to detail are superb. With her on our team you can rest easy knowing she is working hard to make sure everything is accurate and handled correctly. Clinene [pronouced "cla -neen"]


Areas of expertise:
Bookkeeping, Accounts and throwing darts



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