Company History - in a nutshell!

Our apologies this is so lengthy, as we usually try to keep things brief, but when the president, Scott Bassett, has worked in the industry since 1975, there's a great deal to tell for those who care to read. 

"What began as a graphic design firm of one has evolved into the marketing, communications and design company that is today's Bassett & Brush. 

It was still a world of T-squares and Exacto® knives when Scott Bassett launched Bassett & Brush Design in the fall of 1985. In a makeshift basement studio, Scott was hanging studio lights from exposed plumbing pipes for custom photo shoots and laying out brochures on illustration board with Amberlith overlays. It was a far cry from the latest generation computers that churn out our designs today, but many a successful company has sprung from similar circumstances.

 Actually, in spite of the humble beginnings, Scott was already well prepared for success in the visual communications field.


After some nine years involved in the behind the scenes design/production process at printing and marketing companies, Scott had not only learned to produce eye-grabbing graphics, but had mastered the technical skills to make them work on the press. He brought this background to the fledgling studio and has hired designers and developers who embody the same high standards - visually effective and technically flawless. This philosophy not only saves our clients time and money, but also distinguishes Bassett & Brush in the field.

In 1992, the first big break came. Doors opened into the entertainment industry with a number of audio and video marketing companies in southern California. Within the next few years, Bassett & Brush had created literally hundreds of packaging projects in video sleeves, cassette/CD-DVD jackets and all the related promotional elements that support the marketing of these products. We also gained tremendous understanding of retail marketing and impulse-oriented sales on the graphics-glutted retail shelf.


Soon our work caught the eye of some software entrepreneurs and another door opened.

 In the spring of 1996 Countertop Software (now TOPICS Entertainment) and Encore Software were both fledgling companies poised to jointly launch a new product into the mass retail channels, but were experiencing difficulties interesting buyers, largely attributed to the uninspired packaging. Bassett & Brush seemed to have the right stuff to correct these problems. Following a successful launch on this first joint product, we went on to help both companies achieve explosive growth over the next few years, producing dozens of hard-selling software packages (see our Portfolio ). Encore Software was hailed by Fortune magazine and eventually ranked as 25th largest publisher in their respective category, while TOPICS Entertainment has grown to become the nation's leading publisher of language and reference software, and at one point was ranked as the 9th largest consumer software company overall in the U.S.


Realizing in 1998 that web was the headlight of the oncoming freight train, Bassett and Brush launched a new effort to become as skilled and effective in web as they’d proven to be in packaging, print and point-of-sale. Web services were launched in 2000 and since has expanded from design and development into hosting, web-based marketing, search engine optimization and e-newsletters and development of our own content management system, PawsOnWeb™.

Our track record for client success has attracted many other companies-- which has served to broaden our experience and sharpen our expertise. Today, this wellspring of experience allows us to serve our clients while doing what we love; providing market-focused, visual communications services that are on target, on time, and on budget. In any commercial venture... that's the right stuff.


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