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About Us

What sets us apart is our exceptional staff, all of whom have been carefully recruited based on their talent, technical background, and ability to work seamlessly with clients. Our experience in the highly competitive retail markets, coupled with the company's commitment to staying ahead of the technology curve, means we can deliver what you need to open new markets or expand your share in existing ones.

Whether you need a corporate identity system, print advertising, direct mail, web design, point-of-purchase, or packaging with pazazz, we deliver. When Bassett & Brush joins your team, you gain a staff that not only is committed to your success, but has proven they bring both exceptional visual talent and an extensive technical knowledge to the equation. That combination means we deliver visual products that catapult your sales while making you cost competitive by eliminating errors and costly last minute surprises.

Sales-focused Design Experience
Collectively over 650 dog years (that's 92 years human) of award-winning design experience creating visual products that capture the eye of the consumer and sell the product.

We know what sells:
Products we've designed have consistently opened doors and exceeded sales projections. For example, the Instant Immersion language line by TOPICS Entertainment is currently the leading language software product in the country. (see Success Stories) This is simply the result of having worked in the front lines for so many years.

We've recruited the right talent
Talent is something you're born with... and then you develop and refine the skill. The ability to create the kind of exciting visual impact needed to compete in today's market is the sum of blending our years of seasoned, market driven design with our illustrative talents and style. Most of our designers are illustrators in their own right, many of whom have exhibited and sold their work, and still do. Their visual talent is the pizazz that makes our work outperform the competition. Whether it's traditional, computer, or 3D, our talent delivers.

Technical Expertise
In addition to their formal design training, each designer comes from a background of having trained and worked in either printing or film production companies. They know the dynamics of the process.

Experience means speed:
We've done this many times before, with proven results. Whether it's initial concepts for buyer presentations or the finished product, we've earned a reputation for delivering when it's needed. Deadlines?... usually not a problem.

It's right the first time:
Our designers' knowledge of the entire process means we don't build mistakes. You can't design for a process or take maximum advantage of it's qualities without a thorough knowledge of the technologies involved. From the relatively simple discipline of barcode applications to the extreme complexities of ICC color management systems, image color balance, and film technologies, we make sure it's correct.

Your project sails through manufacturing:
Our staff performs all preflight operations in-house, saving you money by assuring there are no costly surprises in the manufacturing phase. We deliver either press ready film or digital files for CTP and DTP applications. On the rare occassion when there is a problem we can usually have revised files enroute within a few hours.

Industry leading computers and programs
Great results from great people
Exceptional talent needs equally exceptional tools to accomplish great things. Our commitment to keeping pace with our clients means using the fastest machines and staying up on the industry leading graphics programs. We maintain a full studio of blazing fast G4 workstations and our designers are skillful in almost every major graphics program.

Extensive Royalty Free Photo Image Library
We've got your image needs covered

We maintain a constantly growing library of 80,000+ royalty free images available for use by our clients. The competitve nature of today's market often demands great photography. We've carefully acquired an extensive library of royalty free images, so you have a kalidescope to choose from without being locked into a long term licensing agreement. It keeps life simple.

Full In-house Digital Photographic Studio
Custom photography, no problem!

When only custom photgraphy will sell the idea, our on-site studio capability allows us to create exactly the image you need almost instantaneously, and the large format handles just about any visual requirement. Our large format Fuji FinePix S1 Pro digital camera system utilizing Nikon's AF NIKKOR lens system provides impressive image capabilities on demand.


ICC Color Management
Color you can trust

Accurate color throughout the design/manufacturing process has always been mission critical and with the industry trend towards Computer-to-plate and Direct-to-press production, you must be up to speed on the latest technologies to achieve reliable results. After much research, we've implemented an ICC color management system on all our computers, scanners, and related equipment which works seamlessly with our Epson/Kodak Digital Matchprint proof.

Epson Stylus® ProoKodak Polychrome Digital Matchprint proofing system
Near press quality proofs

Epson's micro piazo color inkjet printing technology in tandem with Kodak Polychrome's Color Matchprint RIP gives us unprecedented color proofing from digital files. Whether producing mockups or final pre-production proofs, the Epson/Kodak system produces near press quality.

Complete Barcoding capabilities
Never overlook the details...they make or break the project.

Being trained in all aspects of the design/art production process, even down to creating the barcodes, allows us to routinely meet the near impossible deadlines and keep our clients ahead of the pack. We're not only versed in creating UPC, Bookland EAN, ISBN, and the many other barcode systems, but we perform all our own preflight checks and prepress operations in-house. Keeping it all under one roof means we seldom miss a deadline.

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